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Movement is joy! Learn about supporting early self-directed play for your child through creating a safe environment physically and emotionally.

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Babies can be included in their bodily care right from the start. Learn about the respectful partnership of care giving.

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Sleep is important for adults and children alike. Learn about the variety of pathways through our senses to help support our infant’s capacity for self-soothing and self-initiated sleep.



Babies are socially intelligent. They have good understanding of the emotional environment in which they are surrounded. Babies gain experience of themselves and others through social play from the very start. Meet with other parents, create community and develop the adult relationships that will allow our children to have their own social experiences without fear.

The transition to motherhood/parenthood is full of both joy and struggle.Receiving feedback about that transition can be quite difficult at times, even when desperately needed. Kyle’s many years of nurturing families coupled with her gentle loving kindness was just the guiding light that my family needed as we settled into OUR meaning of parenthood and family. Our daughter thrived through self initiated development in infancy and continues to harness that confidence through early childhood. Our experiences with Kyle throughout infant-parent and child-parent classes still feel like a gift.
— Katherine

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