1-1/2 Hour Home Visit with follow up session $150.00

After a phone consultation so Kyle can understand the challenges you are facing, welcoming Kyle into your home is the best way to get to the heart of your parenting challenges.  During a home visit, Kyle can observe your family environment and your child where they are most comfortable.  In the follow-up session Kyle will offer her observations from the home visit and offer suggestions towards creating a healthy family rhythm.

1/2 Hour Consultation via Zoom $35.00

Are you interested in starting your own Playgroup?

If you have a group of like minded parents and would like to start your own playgroup.  Kyle is available to come to your parent/caregiver group and help the grownups cultivate the kind of warm social environment that children thrive in.

-Learn what is developmentally appropriate in terms of sharing.

-How to allow children free movement.

How to allow children to have social experiences with each other with just the right amount of support from the parents.

-Learn to discern what the best amount of time and rhythm is for your play group will be.

Consultation Fee for beginning Playgroups is variable. Please contact Kyle with your request to work together.

Kyle specializes in working with children ages birth to seven and their parents. She will work with you to understand your family’s daily patterns. Out of that understanding,  Kyle can help you to create healthy rhythms for your child and yourself.  Together with Kyle, you will look at transitions between home and school, waking and sleeping routines, and meal times traditions. We will also see where your personal desires meet your family life and how to gracefully balance the two.

Kyle will help you to see if the unwanted behaviors you are experiencing from your child are because of overstimulation from media or a hectic over-scheduling of unnecessary activities.  After observing your daily and weekly routine, finding what is essential for the life of your family and what is desired Kyle can help you to craft a rhythm out of what is essential for you to create joy and balance in family life.

Kyle works out of the principle of self-initiated movement that Dr. Emmi Pickler brought to the world through her research and work with infants.  To read more about Dr. Pikler's work please look here: 


Kyle looks at all relationships through the lens of self-initiated movement not only for the young child, who is unfolding their physical development, but also for their parents and care givers.   We are all drawing experiences to us that help us to unfold our individuality.  Kyle has developed a practice of working with the young child and their parents or caregivers that through observation of what the young child's physical development and self-initiated movement it opens a gateway to our own feeling and thought life as parents and caregivers.  The more conscious we become of our feelings and thoughts the more able we are able to imagine what we want our days to be like with our children.  As our observations skills are honed we experience relaxation in the moment because we can see what is and not what we fear.  We gain clarity and the ability to work with our children out of intuition and wisdom rather than reaction.  This results in a deep inner satisfaction